My favorite bookish friendships!

Get ready for a post full of squealing, flailing, and gifs.

I could name a long list of bookish friendships I adore, but today I’m going to be listing my all-time favorites. In my opinion, bookish friendships strengthen our real-life friendships and teach us how to build long-lasting relationships and memories.

Before I start gushing, let’s get onto the flailing. 😉

The Golden Trio

Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to mention this fluffy trio? I honestly feel like I’ve grown up with these characters (kinda true). I’ve always admired how close they are and how they always come back together like magnets despite the trials they face. Gosh I sound so mushy.


The Black Swan Gang

This friend group is definitely a close second to the Golden Trio. I love these character’s hilarious banter throughout the books. They’re always challenging each other to be better and as the series goes on you can really see how closely they are connected and how each of them have changed for the better through their relationships.

I love how different each character’s personality is and how it perfectly balances the group. Let’s just take a quick look at each character’s personality:

Sophie: The leader of the group who doesn’t understand the extent of how powerful she is.

Keefe: The prankster of the group. Doesn’t take anything seriously (most of the time.)

Fitz: The love interest with anger issues.

Dex: The underrated genius.

Biana: The not-so delicate flower who can kick your butt.

Tam: The emo with a soft side.

Linh: The peaceful one.

The Olympian Three

It’s hard to explain why I’m so drawn to this group. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but maybe it’s because they have such history together? I dunno, but this gif is going to be forever in my heart XD.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know down below what some of your favorite bookish friend groups are!

Until next time,