I’m Back!! (updates, new content, projects, + more!)

Hey there!

It’s been awhile since I’ve sat down and written a blog post. How long has it been, about 3 months…?

I wasn’t planning on taking this long of a hiatus (nor was I planning on taking a break at all!), but life gets busy and now that I’m feeling refreshed, I’m more ready than ever to get back into the swing of things!

Now that the holidays are over and my life is getting back to normal, I’m realizing how little I’ve interacted here for the past three months. I feel like I’ve missed out on so many great blog posts! :c

All-in-all, I’m very excited to be back, and I’ve got some big stuff planned!

We’ve got a bit to get caught up on, so grab a cup of tea and let’s chat, shall we?

Blog Updates

  • You may have noticed (if not, no hard feelings my friend), but I changed my blog design! I’ll probably be bringing back the sunflower and yellow theme during the summer, but for now I wanted to have a bit more of a minimalist, simple design.

  • Another conclusion I have come to for my blog is my main niche. Over my short course of time here on WordPress, I’ve bounced around testing out which niche(s) I preferred, and which I enjoyed writing more. I think all bloggers can attest to this when I say, discovering your niche can be really hard! Over my hiatus I took some time to do some deep thinking about this, and I’m here to confirm that from this day forward, my blog is going to primarily be a book and writing blog! Now, this sure doesn’t mean that I won’t be uploading other types of posts from time to time, but they are going to be few and separated off into another category of my blog. I really enjoy getting to share my reading progresses, goals, and opinions on books that I’m reading as well as share my passion for books and writing with all of you (also getting to fangirl over our favorite books together in the chat :3)!

  • One thing that I learned from my hiatus was sometimes having a set schedule doesn’t always work for everyone. I felt like having a specific day to post made me feel really stressed out and almost like I would turning in a homework assignment. I felt the need to make a mad rush to finish posts and get them planned in advance so I didn’t miss my schedule. And that’s definitely not what blogging is supposed to be about! Blogging is supposed to be a fun way to express yourself in a way verbal words couldn’t match and to engage with others with the same interests! So, with that being said, I will (at this point in time) not have a scheduled day that I will be posting. However, I do plan to post at least once a week, maybe even twice! Maybe in the future when my life is less busy I will go back to a set posting day.
  • Coming back from my hiatus, I have so many post ideas and special projects *mwahahaha* (insert me stroking my make-believe evil cat sidekick here) that I can’t wait to share! If you have any content that you would like to see from me, feel free to comment down below! I’m always open to suggestions.
  • Also, does anyone have any tips for getting back into the swing of blogging after taking a break? I know it’s probably going to be a little weird at first, especially since I haven’t sat down to write in so long!

New Content/ What to look forward to

  • I have a new project that I’ve been working on that I’m hoping to launch later in February. Take some guesses in the comments and let me know what YOU think this project might be. (Hint: it has something to do with social media.)
  • I was thinking about doing weekly writing prompts at the end of my posts, and participants can send in their writing (through my email or my about page. both information is on that page!) and can be featured in my next post. Would that be something y’all would be interested in seeing? Let me know down below!
  • I have a TON of book reviews planned for some upcoming posts, included some book tags and other fun posts!

Let me know if you have any post suggestions below! Or if you just want to chat! I love getting to talk to you guys, which is why I’m so glad I’m back from my hiatus. 🙂

Talk to you soon!

(peep my new sign-off XD)

Blogger Takeover: Blog First Impressions (Ft. Annie @ Blossoms and Bullet Journals!)

What Makes Me Want to Keep Reading Your Blog?

Followers. If you’re a blogger, you probably want them, but sometimes getting people to follow your blog is harder than simply creating a well-written blog post. There are so many other factors that contribute to whether or not someone decides to follow your blog, and it’s so important to make sure that your blog is set up in a way that will make readers want to keep scrolling and actually read your posts. 

Different readers definitely value different things in the blogs that they follow, but in this post, I’ll be sharing my expectations for the blogs that I read. Hopefully this post will give you some insight on ways to improve your blog so that you can gain some more followers!

I’m Annie by the way, and I blog at Blossoms and Bullet Journals about books and planning. Thank you so much to Saege for hosting me! I’m so excited to be here today to be sharing the top five things that I value in a blog’s first impression.

1. Good blog design

I don’t mean this to sound shallow, but the way that a blog looks is probably the #1 factor in whether or not I decide to keep reading. I want the blogs that I follow to be visually pleasing, and I think this is a reality (if a bit harsh) for most readers of blogs.

Think about it—before anyone actually reads anything that you have to say, the very first thing that they see when they open your blog is the design—the logo, colors, and photos all contribute to the first impression that a reader gets immediately after visiting your blog, before they even read any of the words that you’ve written.

This definitely doesn’t mean that you need to spend money on getting a fancy blog design or anything like that—simple blog designs can be totally aesthetically pleasing and effective. Here are some easy ways to make your blog look nice:

  • Be consistent with your color palette, fonts, etc, and pick colors/fonts that work well together.
  • Make a nice blog header. You can use fancier tools if you want, but I do all of my design with Canva, which is completely free!
  • Use good photos (meaning they have good lighting, aren’t blurry, etc.) in your posts. If photography isn’t your thing, consider using free stock images from sites like Unsplash, Pixabay, or Pexels—just make sure you follow a site’s rules about giving credit to the photographer. (Side note: I would not recommend taking images off the internet from sites like Instagram, Pinterest, etc. without explicit permission from the owners of those images. This gets into copyright issues and it’s definitely safer to stick with stock photo websites like the ones I mentioned earlier!)
  • Don’t use a dark-colored background for your text. Personally, I just really don’t think that white text on a black background is pleasing to the eye.

2. Interesting Topics

So you have your blog design ready to go. That’s great! If a blog’s visuals are nice, I’ll probably stay and continue looking around. 

If I’m considering following a blog, the next thing I usually take into consideration is the types of posts that the blogger writes. If I scroll down a homepage and see a nice variety of posts that interest me, that will make me more likely to hit the follow button. On the flip side, if all of the post titles seem similar and boring, I probably won’t want to read the posts.

This is kind of difficult I guess, because topics are so subjective—what’s interesting to one person could completely bore someone else. What I would recommend though is to try to have a bit of variety in your posts so you can attract lots of people who are interested in reading about different things. 

I’m not saying that you need to write within multiple different niches necessarily, but a bit of variety is probably good—for example, if I’m scrolling through a book blog and there aren’t any lists or tags or anything else besides regular book reviews, I might not be as interested in the blog. This isn’t because I don’t like book reviews, it’s just that I probably won’t want to be reading the exact same type of post all the time.

3. Formatting

Good formatting is another element that’s important to me as a blog reader. If the setup of your posts are nice, it makes them easier to read. I think that one of the most important parts of this is making sure that you don’t have huge chunks of text—make sure to break up your posts to make them more digestible.

The most obvious way to do this is breaking your writing up into shorter paragraphs of course, but I also like it when bloggers use visual elements like photos, graphics, or gifs to make their posts easier to read.

4. Easy Navigation

Make sure that your blog is set up in a way that’s easy to navigate. This means easy access to a search bar, a way for readers to filter your posts by category, and most importantly, an easily accessible follow button. If it’s too difficult to find a follow button, readers will probably give up and decide just not to follow.

5. Grammar

Everyone has typos sometimes, but I find it really difficult to read posts that are littered with grammatical errors. Some readers are more likely to be bothered by grammar mistakes than others, but it can never hurt to proofread a post before you publish it.

One tip for this that I’ve learned from school is to read a piece of writing out loud to yourself before submitting it—this will usually make it easier for you to spot any errors that you might have made.

And those are the top five things that I look for when I’m reading blogs! I hope this was helpful, and thanks so much again to Saege for having me. If you’d like to check out any of my other posts, you can find my blog here.


My Fall Favorites!

To me, I consider October to be the core of the fall season.

I’m excited for the coming winter months, and all that they bring, but at the same time it’s bittersweet because I really love fall-time!

As this month’s October recap, I’m going to be compiling a list of my favorite fall activities! Technically fall goes until mid-December, but after Thanksgiving I consider it winter. Anyone else agree with me?

So let’s cue the cozy drinks and fuzzy socks, shall we?

Apple Cider

Every year my family buys a huge jug of apple cider from our local pumpkin patch/farm, and it is fantastic! I usually add a little sprinkle of cinnamon to the apple cider, which I would definitely recommend trying! It’s like all things fall in a mug!

Knit Sweaters

Knit sweaters are universal for fall and winter, but I included them in this list because I’m OBSESSED with sweaters! Give me a chunky sweater, a pair of leggings, some boots, and a scarf, and I’ll wear it all season!

Hot Caramel Macchiatos

I’ve never been too keen on Pumpkin Spice drinks, so instead I substitute with Caramel Macchiatos! I don’t go to Starbucks very often, but if you do go, I recommend trying their Caramel Macchiato!

Corn Mazes

My local farm has the COOLEST corn mazes! They have different levels of maze difficulty depending on how long each maze takes. Within each maze there are different “keys” you need to find , and if you get them all you can get a free treat like a cup of warm apple cider!

Leaf piles

I will probably always be a kid at heart. My sister and I try to make different “settings” out of the leaf piles. One year we made a leaf pile swimming pool and tried to swim through them. Another year we made a campfire scene, which turned into quite an interesting role-play game. Let’s just say we were creative children…

Pumpkin Decorating

Something about picking pumpkins and decorating them with my family has always been one of my favorite fall traditions. My sister and I watched an old home video not too long ago where I REFUSED to stick my hand into the pumpkin to pull out the goop and seeds. What can I say? I was a very sassy 1-year-old.

Roasting Pumpkin Seeds

If you ever roast pumpkin seeds, try seasoning them with butter and ranch powder. It sounds kinda strange, but it’s really quite delicious!

Halloween Costumes

My family “half-celebrates” Halloween, as I call it. We don’t celebrate the Satanic aspect of Halloween, but we still dress up in cute costumes and go Trick-or-Treating with my cousins. Our rule for costumes is, “If it’s not God-honoring, don’t wear it”. This year my sister and I are going to do a partner costume together! 😀

Homemade Chili

Every Halloween my mom makes the best Crockpot chili when we go Trick-or-Treating with our cousins! We call it the “Crockpot holiday” because everyone who comes to my cousin’s Halloween party usually brings a Crockpot soup or treat to share!

Cozy Reading

My ideal fall afternoon would include a big chunky blanket, a good book or Bible study, and a mug of hot apple cider!

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know some of your favorite things about fall in the comments below! I’d love to hear from you!

Until next time!

How I Plan My Blog Posts

Every blogger has their own process for creating blog posts.

Today I’m going to be showing you how I plan my blog posts! Whether you’re here for some motivation to write, or you’re just curious about my process, I hope this post will in some way help you to make the most of your time when blogging!

During this post I’m going to be planning and working on the post that’ll be up next week, so definitely continue reading if you want a sneak peek for next week’s post!

Step 1: Concept

The first step in my process is coming up with the post concept. First, I come up with inspiration for the post. I keep a log of all the potential posts I want to do in my bullet journal so I never forget a post idea.

For the post I’ll be writing today, the concept is “Day in the Life:Fall Edition”. I’ve really been loving “Day in the Life” posts recently and I figured since fall is finally upon us, why not?

Step 2: Make a Post Outline

Being the super organizer I am, I always have to write out an outline for my posts. I’ve found that it really helps me think clearly and work efficiently when I’m planning.

For this post’s outline, I’ve listed what I want to include in the post, as well as listed what photos I will need to take throughout the day. I made my notes very vague and basic, but with enough detail that I remember what I was talking about when I go to start writing.

For this outline I basically just wrote down a bunch of the fall inspired activities I wanted to do in the day. I also wrote down some extra activities to do just in case the post becomes too short or I run out of things to do!

Later on, I will go through my notes and edit them. I probably won’t end up doing everything on the list, but I like to over-figure just in case.

Step 3: Take photos

So for this post in particular, I went about my day following the basic outline in my notebook, and took pictures of pretty much everything I noted. I’m not going to be sharing any photos from my process because you’ll have to wait til’ next week to see!

Step 4: Write out post

Typically I write my post before taking pictures, but this post is an exception!

I like to write my post out in a notebook so I can make edits much easier. I’ve also found that I’m more productive in writing posts when I physically write them versus typing them for some odd reason. *shrugs*

Step 5: Make Edits

Once the post is completely written out, I go through and proof-read for any errors. Most times, I don’t have to make any major edits other than a subtle re-arranging here and there, and some grammatical corrections, so this step is fairly easy.

Step 6: Type up the post

Next, I type up the post into my WordPress Block Editor. During this step, I can really find any of the errors I’ve missed during editing and figure out if I need to move around anything around.

Step 7: Add graphics and photos

This is one of my favorite steps and probably the most difficult! For each post I make sure I have designed a featured image, and a divider image (for between paragraphs when needed). I use Befunky for all of my post designs.

This is also the step where I add any photos I’ve taken into their appropriate paragraph.

Step 8: Schedule

The final step in my post-making process is scheduling the post! I try to write my posts a few weeks in advance so I have plenty of time to get it edited and scheduled.

I schedule all of my posts on Saturdays, so check back every week for a new post! (Shameless plug, what can I say?)

And that’s how I plan my posts! I hope you enjoyed this post! Check back next Saturday to see the “Day in the Life:Fall Edition” post you saw me plan today!

Yours truly,

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My Travel Bucket List

Life is a crazy adventure.

I was thinking the other day, what if our lives were written as a story? What would you want written in your story? What would you want to have accomplished?

Deep, I know.

If I could choose the genre to my life, I’d want it to be adventure. In many ways, life takes us on crazy journeys, teaching things we never knew before. There are so many things I want to do in my life- so many things I want written in my story.

So in light of the whole adventure theme, I compiled a list of the places I want to travel to and explore. After all, an adventure story isn’t complete with a little exploration, is it?

First stop: Paris, France

  • The Eiffel Tower
  • French cafes and bakeries
  • Luxembourg Gardens (ahh they look absolutely gorgeous)
  • The Notre-Dame Cathedral
  • Macaroons
  • Croissants
  • French cheese


  • Niagara Falls
  • Banff National Park
  • Toronto
  • Old Montreal
  • Maple taffy (did you honestly think I wouldn’t mention something maple related?)
  • Butter tart
  • Poutine


  • Leaning Tower of Pizza Pisa
  • Venice
  • The Colosseum
  • Rome
  • The Pantheon
  • St. Mark’s Square
  • Pizza the authentic
  • Coffee (Okay this one sounds kinda odd, but I’ve heard that Italian coffee is really good!)
  • Gelato
  • Pastaaaaaa

Tokyo, Japan

  • Senso-ji
  • Botanical Gardens
  • Tokyo Disneyland
  • Japanese zoo
  • Sushi
  • Steamed buns
  • Tempura
  • Mochi
  • Rolled ice cream
  • Japanese candy
  • Buy stationary
  • Learn to make sushi
  • See some pandas
  • See the city lights at night


  • Honolulu
  • Oahu
  • The beach!!!
  • Pearl Harbor
  • Waikiki Beach
  • Shave ice
  • Hawaiian coconut
  • Poke
  • Go snorkeling
  • See some sea turtles
  • Visit the ocean


I’m currently taking German for my foreign language, so I think it would be really cool to get to visit Germany someday.

  • Dresden
  • Munich
  • Berlin
  • Berlin Wall Memorial
  • Rothenburg ob der Tauber
  • Schnitzel
  • Flammkuchen (It looks like the German version of pizza? Correct me if I’m wrong.)
  • Rote grutze (Red fruit pudding.)

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know what your travel bucket list is! I’d love to chat in the comments below!

Until next time!

What’s in my backpack?

I have officially survived 15 days in school…

Just barely! I’m exhausted and my brain is totally fried, but I’m hanging in there.

My schedule is pretty stinking crazy this year, so I always have to be prepared. Packing and organizing is an essential part of my life now.

All dramatics aside, today I’m going to be sharing “What’s in my Backpack” in light of back to school. I’ve seen this trend going around especially on the Youtube platform, so even though I’m really late to this trend (honestly Saege we aren’t surprised) I’m going to do it anyway. >:)

This is my backpack. I’m not exactly sure what brand it is, but I do know that I got it from Target. I really love that it has so many pockets and compartments so I can keep all of my textbooks and supplies organized.

This first pocket doesn’t have anything in it at the moment. It’s too small for me to put anything in it, but if I do I’ll usually put a little snack in there.

In this second front pouch I keep my index card organizer and earbuds. In my index card organizer I store all of my vocabulary study words and science definitions.

On the other side there’s another small pouch where I put my wallet.

(A brief interruption from a very sleepy doggo.)

You may resume.

Above these three smaller pouches there’s another small pocket where I keep my colored pencils, sticky notes, and a book. Right now I’m reading Beowulf for my Literature reading.

Behind this pouch there is a bigger space where I keep my binders, notebooks, and ruler.

In the final pouch I keep my textbooks and pencil case. These aren’t all of my textbooks in my backpack, but I wasn’t able to fit them all in the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my back pack! Let me know what you keep in your backpack in the comments below!

Until next time!

My favorite bookish friendships!

Get ready for a post full of squealing, flailing, and gifs.

I could name a long list of bookish friendships I adore, but today I’m going to be listing my all-time favorites. In my opinion, bookish friendships strengthen our real-life friendships and teach us how to build long-lasting relationships and memories.

Before I start gushing, let’s get onto the flailing. 😉

The Golden Trio

Did you honestly think I wasn’t going to mention this fluffy trio? I honestly feel like I’ve grown up with these characters (kinda true). I’ve always admired how close they are and how they always come back together like magnets despite the trials they face. Gosh I sound so mushy.


The Black Swan Gang

This friend group is definitely a close second to the Golden Trio. I love these character’s hilarious banter throughout the books. They’re always challenging each other to be better and as the series goes on you can really see how closely they are connected and how each of them have changed for the better through their relationships.

I love how different each character’s personality is and how it perfectly balances the group. Let’s just take a quick look at each character’s personality:

Sophie: The leader of the group who doesn’t understand the extent of how powerful she is.

Keefe: The prankster of the group. Doesn’t take anything seriously (most of the time.)

Fitz: The love interest with anger issues.

Dex: The underrated genius.

Biana: The not-so delicate flower who can kick your butt.

Tam: The emo with a soft side.

Linh: The peaceful one.

The Olympian Three

It’s hard to explain why I’m so drawn to this group. There’s nothing particularly special about it, but maybe it’s because they have such history together? I dunno, but this gif is going to be forever in my heart XD.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me know down below what some of your favorite bookish friend groups are!

Until next time,

World Building Expectations + 3 Book series with Great World Building!

I personally find world building to be the key essential of a good book.

Especially when reading the first book in a series, I look for a deeply crafted world with dimension and a unique style. I should feel like I am actually in that world and want to live there.

Today I’m going to be discussing the main things I look for in good world building, as well as give y’all some examples of books I believe fit those standards.

Let’s get to it!

1. A Deep History

When I look for a deep history in a book, I want a descriptive background of the world itself. I want to hear about the founding, events that shaped the world and it’s connection to the characters. This is especially important in fictional worlds, because it shouldn’t be exactly like the real-life world.

An example of good deep history would be in The Hunger Games. Throughout the series it describes how Panem was founded, and how the development of the Hunger Games affected its citizens. It also showed how destroyed and weakened the world had become as a result of the founding of Panem and the consequences for past retaliation.

2. Thoroughly designed or researched culture.

The culture in a world is what essentially makes it unique. This can be described by holidays, food, traditions, style, and more, it’s all in the creativity of it. When I read a book, I want to read about a culture that is unique and extraordinary. Whether the culture is restricted and controlled or free and unrestrained, it should be recognizable and should stand out from other cultures.

For example, in Veronica Roth’s Divergent series, the world is very restrained and controlled. The factions themselves are all very diverse and have different cultures, which makes the world very differed and unique. The Dauntless faction is very militarily advanced and focuses more on physical advancement than cultural advancement. The Erudite faction is very focused on education and knowledge. The Abnegation faction is focused on caring for others and neglects self-vanity. The Candor faction is focused on honor and honesty and the Amity faction focuses on kindness and growth.

As you can see from the above example, the world’s focus and drive is what directs its culture.

3. Easy to understand

Simply, nobody wants to read a book that’s world is built like a riddle. Sometimes a simple world makes the best story.

For example The Mysterious Benedict Society is based in a modern world. There’s no complicated world building and the series is based more on story-line and problem solving.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a book with a good weaving of world building, but sometimes the simplest world sets the scene for a great story.

4. Has significant landmarks

A world should always have a significant landmark for readers to remember it by. Just the the U.S. has the Statue of Liberty, Paris has the Eiffel Tower, and Egypt has the pyramids, they all remind us of those places.

For example in the Harry Potter series Hogwarts is a significant landmark. If you have read the series, the mention of this name will immediately remind you of the books.

3 Example Books

The five books I felt meet these standards are as follows:

The Keeper of the Lost Cities Series

I honestly mention this series in every bookish post I do, but there’s an unending amount of great things I can say about it! I feel like Shannon Messenger has met all of the standards that I look for in world building. The Lost Cities have a deep history that not only connects to the characters, but is also explained throughout the series. Throughout the series the main character, Sophie, discovers all of the new cultural aspects of the elvish world such as the different holidays, food, and agriculture. Although the series has an unending amount of entertaining twists, the world building is easy to understand! Lastly, the Lost Cities have many significant land marks such as Everglen, Foxfire Academy, and Havenfield.

The Hunger Games Series

As mentioned above I felt like The Hunger Games series had a unique and deep historical background. I loved how each District had different styles which brought together a colorful culture to Panem, yet each District had their own struggles and rebellions. The world building was easy to understand and wasn’t over-complicated as well as had significant landmarks such as District 12, The Capitol, and Panem itself.

Harry Potter Series

How can I not mention Harry Potter, the mother to all world building? I don’t feel like I need to explain why I think the world building is fantastic because if you’ve read the series, you’ll know. 😉

I hope you enjoyed this post! Let me in the comments what you look for in world building and what books/book series you feel has amazing world building! Also comment down below a few books you feel don’t have great world building. I’d love to chat and hear all of your opinions!

Until next time!

Summer Goals Recap (How did I do??)

This summer I had a lot of goals.

I went into summer with a head full of ideas and expectations. If you saw my Summer Bucket List post, you saw I had a long list of goals, and I had even more unlisted on that post!

So let’s take a look and see I did on those goals, shall we?

Read 10 Books

In total I think I read about 7 books between June and July. I had a list of books I wanted to read, but as usual I veered off and my ever-growing TBR lured me in. From the list of books I had originally, here is how I did:

  • Mockingjay by Suzanne Collins
  • Cinder by Marissa Meyer
  • Flashback by Shannon Messenger
  • The War Within by Cecelia Schmidt
  • A Night Divided by Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe
  • The War’s End by Cecelia Schmidt
  • 1984 by George Orwell
  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • The Cursed Child by J.K Rowling

I’m disappointed I didn’t at least read 1984, The Cursed Child, and Mockingjay, but I definitely will be completing those this fall. I’m almost positive 1984 and The Book Thief is on my school literature list this year.

Here are some of the extra books I read:

  • The Battle of the Labryrinth by Rick Riordan
  • The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan
  • Wires and Nerve by Marissa Meyer

Go to a Drive-in

Check this off my list. Also go check out my mini storytime >HERE< to find out how it went.

Host a cookout

My family started hosting Sunday dinners twice a month and the past few times we’ve had cookouts. It’s been a great way to connect with my cousins whom I don’t see very often! 🙂

Go berry picking

Unfortunately my family didn’t do that this year, which is the first time in a long time. We were planning on going one day, but decided it was too hot and went to the pool. XD

Pull an all-nighter

HAHA BIG NOPE. I’m trying to prep myself to get up early during the school year (my goal is to get up at 5:30) so I need all the rest I can get!

  • See an air show ✘
  • Go to Cedar Point ✘
  • Stargaze ✔
  • Gain right leg splits and needle ✘
  • Catch fireflies ✔
  • Go hiking ✘
  • Finish planning my novel plot ✘
  • Write a fairytale retelling ✘
  • Go camping ✘
  • Learn new friendship bracelet patterns ✔
  • Get a job ✔
  • Participate in a summer blog contest ✔
  • See fireworks ✔

Overall I didn’t complete as many goals as I would have liked, but it’s summertime so I’m okay with it.

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post!

Until next time!

What goals did you accomplish this summer?

When do you start back to school?

Back to School Essentials + Printable Checklist

I don’t know about you, but my favorite thing about back to school season is school supply shopping! As an eternal fanatic of all things stationary, I’m always super excited for this time of year (despite the looming inevitable called “school” D:).

If you’re homeschooled like I am (or even if you aren’t) it’s sometimes hard to figure out what all you’ll need for the school season. So, today I’ll be sharing an organized list of school necessities to help ease your shopping days!


I am not sponsoring any of the products or businesses that may be mentioned in this post. These are solely my own opinions.

Planners are honestly a life saver. I’ve found that whether it’s a bullet journal, notebook, calendar, or planner, my life is way more organized if I write stuff down. Especially for middle school and on, I recommend getting a student planner specifically. They’re typically more detailed and have more sections for listing schoolwork or homework, after-school activities, and weekly/monthly goals.

These are definitely essential for online schoolwork or listening to your favorite tunes while doing your homework. (If you’re looking for nice wireless earbuds or headphones under a budget, I recommend checking out Five Below. I’ve gotten a few nice pairs from there.)

Usually a lot of tea and coffee goes on sale for back to school season, so now’s the time to stock up on your favorite energy beverages! My favorite before-school beverages are rooibos and vanilla chai tea. What’s yours?

I absolutely love getting or making cute pencil cases! My sister and I made our own pencil cases a few years ago out of decorative duct tape (anyone remember the duct tape wallet fad?).

Y’all I could list some pretty disgusting facts about germs, so please save yourselves from my rants (and the illnesses [!!!]) and carry hand wipes and/or sanitizer. You will thank me later. (And yes I am indeed that person during lunch who makes everyone sanitize. XD #sorrynotsorry)

I definitely recommend lunch bags with built in ice packs. I got one last year and I’m really impressed. All you have to do is throw it into the freezer overnight then pack your perishables in the morning and it keeps the food cold and fresh all day!

I don’t recommend consuming either of these in class (depending on your school’s in-class policies), but these are great to keep in your backpack for after lunch or for low blood-sugar (speaking from experience).

You never know when you might get a moment to read, so it’s best to always keep a book on hand! (BOOK WORMS UNITE! XD)

Packing a small emergency kit will prepare you for anything life throws at you. Check out last week’s post (>HERE<) for some inspiration for what you can put in your kit!

  • Notebooks
  • Binders
  • Pencils and Pens
  • Sticky Notes
  • Backpack
  • Erasers
  • Highlighters
  • Tissue Packs
  • Binder dividers
  • Folders
  • Loose-leaf paper
  • Protractor
  • Ruler
  • Stapler
  • Calculator
  • Index cards
  • Pencil sharpener
  • Paper Clips
  • Chapstick
  • Water bottle

That was a lot to cover! Before you go, I made a printable checklist to help you keep track of everything you’ll need for the school year!

>Click To Download Checklist<

I hope this post was helpful! Comment down below what your essentials are for the school year!