How I Plan My Blog Posts

Every blogger has their own process for creating blog posts.

Today I’m going to be showing you how I plan my blog posts! Whether you’re here for some motivation to write, or you’re just curious about my process, I hope this post will in some way help you to make the most of your time when blogging!

During this post I’m going to be planning and working on the post that’ll be up next week, so definitely continue reading if you want a sneak peek for next week’s post!

Step 1: Concept

The first step in my process is coming up with the post concept. First, I come up with inspiration for the post. I keep a log of all the potential posts I want to do in my bullet journal so I never forget a post idea.

For the post I’ll be writing today, the concept is “Day in the Life:Fall Edition”. I’ve really been loving “Day in the Life” posts recently and I figured since fall is finally upon us, why not?

Step 2: Make a Post Outline

Being the super organizer I am, I always have to write out an outline for my posts. I’ve found that it really helps me think clearly and work efficiently when I’m planning.

For this post’s outline, I’ve listed what I want to include in the post, as well as listed what photos I will need to take throughout the day. I made my notes very vague and basic, but with enough detail that I remember what I was talking about when I go to start writing.

For this outline I basically just wrote down a bunch of the fall inspired activities I wanted to do in the day. I also wrote down some extra activities to do just in case the post becomes too short or I run out of things to do!

Later on, I will go through my notes and edit them. I probably won’t end up doing everything on the list, but I like to over-figure just in case.

Step 3: Take photos

So for this post in particular, I went about my day following the basic outline in my notebook, and took pictures of pretty much everything I noted. I’m not going to be sharing any photos from my process because you’ll have to wait til’ next week to see!

Step 4: Write out post

Typically I write my post before taking pictures, but this post is an exception!

I like to write my post out in a notebook so I can make edits much easier. I’ve also found that I’m more productive in writing posts when I physically write them versus typing them for some odd reason. *shrugs*

Step 5: Make Edits

Once the post is completely written out, I go through and proof-read for any errors. Most times, I don’t have to make any major edits other than a subtle re-arranging here and there, and some grammatical corrections, so this step is fairly easy.

Step 6: Type up the post

Next, I type up the post into my WordPress Block Editor. During this step, I can really find any of the errors I’ve missed during editing and figure out if I need to move around anything around.

Step 7: Add graphics and photos

This is one of my favorite steps and probably the most difficult! For each post I make sure I have designed a featured image, and a divider image (for between paragraphs when needed). I use Befunky for all of my post designs.

This is also the step where I add any photos I’ve taken into their appropriate paragraph.

Step 8: Schedule

The final step in my post-making process is scheduling the post! I try to write my posts a few weeks in advance so I have plenty of time to get it edited and scheduled.

I schedule all of my posts on Saturdays, so check back every week for a new post! (Shameless plug, what can I say?)

And that’s how I plan my posts! I hope you enjoyed this post! Check back next Saturday to see the “Day in the Life:Fall Edition” post you saw me plan today!

Yours truly,

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