What’s in my backpack?

I have officially survived 15 days in school…

Just barely! I’m exhausted and my brain is totally fried, but I’m hanging in there.

My schedule is pretty stinking crazy this year, so I always have to be prepared. Packing and organizing is an essential part of my life now.

All dramatics aside, today I’m going to be sharing “What’s in my Backpack” in light of back to school. I’ve seen this trend going around especially on the Youtube platform, so even though I’m really late to this trend (honestly Saege we aren’t surprised) I’m going to do it anyway. >:)

This is my backpack. I’m not exactly sure what brand it is, but I do know that I got it from Target. I really love that it has so many pockets and compartments so I can keep all of my textbooks and supplies organized.

This first pocket doesn’t have anything in it at the moment. It’s too small for me to put anything in it, but if I do I’ll usually put a little snack in there.

In this second front pouch I keep my index card organizer and earbuds. In my index card organizer I store all of my vocabulary study words and science definitions.

On the other side there’s another small pouch where I put my wallet.

(A brief interruption from a very sleepy doggo.)

You may resume.

Above these three smaller pouches there’s another small pocket where I keep my colored pencils, sticky notes, and a book. Right now I’m reading Beowulf for my Literature reading.

Behind this pouch there is a bigger space where I keep my binders, notebooks, and ruler.

In the final pouch I keep my textbooks and pencil case. These aren’t all of my textbooks in my backpack, but I wasn’t able to fit them all in the picture.

I hope you enjoyed this tour through my back pack! Let me know what you keep in your backpack in the comments below!

Until next time!

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