Guest Interview // ft. Olivia @ Purely Olivia!!

Y’all I’m so excited for this post.

I’ve been wanting to do a blogger collab for a long time. Today I have the pleasure of interviewing Olivia from Purely Olivia ! She is so so sweet and such a pleasure to work with! *flails*

I could write a whole post on how wonderful she is, but I’m sure those of you who are familiar with her blog already know that. Anyways, let’s get onto the interview! πŸ™‚

1) To start, tell us a bit about you and your blog.

Hi! First of all, I wanted to say thank you so much to Saege for having me on her blog. This is so kind of her and it’s truly an honor (and very exciting) to be here! My name is Olivia, and I blog over at Purely Olivia. A few key characteristics that I feel like are very telling about my personality are that I’m a Hufflepuff, a Christian, an INFJ, an avid reader and a dancer. You can, without fail, find me obsessing over Harry Potter or at dance class or rewatching my favorite episodes of Friends.

My blog is a book blog, and it lets me share my passion for books (mainly YA) with the world! I do talk about other topics, mostly during my monthly recaps, but books are the main focus of Purely Olivia and I love that so much. Fangirling with other people about books truly is one of my favorite things in the world!

2) When did you start your blog and what was your inspiration to do so?

I started my blog in August of 2016- it’s crazy that this month is the three year blogoversary of me writing up posts for this blog. I’m a little emotional about it. Purely Olivia isn’t actually my first blog, though! I began blogging on a different site back in 2014, and this site shall remain unnamed because no one, and I mean no one, wants to unearth those posts that I wrote five years ago now. πŸ˜‰

I’d say I was inspired to start Purely Olivia because I wanted to become serious about blogging! My old blog was simply for fun, and while I still do blog for fun, I was ready for more interaction and to start a blog that had a more focused niche. I also wanted to switch over to WordPress from a different platform. All of those reasons combined together and made my decision to start Purely Olivia easy and exciting.

3) What’s your favorite type of post to write?

Oh, that would have to be any kind of discussion post! Whether it’s a bookish topic or a blogging topic, I always have the best time writing out both sides of the coin, exploring the issue deeper, and then talking about it with everyone in the comments. I always learn something new from discussion posts and gain new perspectives and insights, and it’s truly such a great experience.

4) What has been your favorite book review you’ve written so far?

As is a semi-popular opinion among book bloggers, I don’t actually love writing reviews. While I adore screaming about a book that I love, and I’m always hoping to give recommendations to everyone in the community, I find book reviews hard to write (how am I to express my thoughts when my real thoughts are an incoherent stream of “ilovethisbooksomuchandyoushouldreadit?”) and therefore I tend to not write them that often.

However, all that to say, my favorite would have to be my review of A Six of Crows! This book was really hyped up for me and I ended up loving it with my whole heart, so I had no shortage of things to say about it. I also loved that a lot of people had their own thoughts to add, and it made it my favorite review so far.

5) Do you have any tips for balancing avid reading and everyday life?

Balancing life and reading can be really difficult, but it’s necessary for us bookworms! Although life happens, and you should never feel bad or inadequate for not reading. We’ve all been there. My best advice is to find moments where you can read, and take advantage of those. I end up reading in a lot of…strange moments. Brushing my teeth, eating a snack, in the five minutes when you’re ready to leave for *insert location* but the rest of your family isn’t yet. 

You can also create a routine of reading at a certain time each day. For me, the easiest time is right before bed. It’s a nice way to wind down and relax before sleeping, and it doesn’t interfere with school, homework, or other activities. Also, it’s great because it means you won’t be looking at a screen right before you sleep, and I’ve heard that it’s better and easier to fall asleep if you don’t do that!

6) What is one book you would recommend to anyone?

I have to be my typical Olivia self here and recommend Harry Potter. I know, I know, this is such a typical answer- but I truly feel like Harry Potter is perfect for people of all ages, reading preferences, and life situations! *steps off of Harry Potter soap box*

7) Do you have any blogging advice for new book bloggers?

I (and many, many other bloggers) have written multiple posts about new blogging advice, so my first tip would be to utilize those posts because there are literally thousands out there. If not millions. Some other quick pieces of advice that I really wish I would have known are:

  • Interaction is key
  • Don’t stress over stats
  • The blogging community is here to help and encourage you, and it’s a wonderful place
  • Either find your niche or figure out if you don’t want a niche
  • Give it time- everyone’s growth is different
  • Be yourself and have fun with it because I had to be cliche at least a little bit, okay

8) Who is your favorite Harry Potter character and why?

I didn’t know I could hate and love a question so much at the same time. Just kidding- I actually do have a favorite Harry Potter character, although I do love so many that if you asked for my secondary favorites, there would be a very long list coming your way. πŸ˜‰

My favorite character is Harry Potter himself! I have written a whole post about why I love him, but to keep it brief, I feel like he’s way too underrated. Harry is genuinely such a kind, compassionate, and loyal character. He makes incredible sacrifices, he loves his friends and his found family fiercely, and throughout all the hardships he faces, he continues to be a realistic and relatable character. I couldn’t love him more, and he deserves so much appreciation!

9) What has been the most emotional book you’ve read so far?

Wow, I’ve read a lot of emotional books, especially in recent months. I know whatever book I say, I’ll look back at this post and think “oh no, I really cried hard in this one” or “this one hit me harder, though.” Despite there being way too many books I could say here, I’m going to say Anger is a Gift. I only just finished this book, so part of the reason I picked it is because the emotion is so fresh in my mind! This novel is unbelievably powerful and I really can’t talk about it’s emotional parts without spoiling anything, but let’s just say I felt true pain and loss and emotion while reading this story. It wasn’t easy to swallow, but it was incredible, and made me feel all the feels and more. I really do recommend it!

10) Have you ever met any of your favorite authors? If so, who and what was the experience like? If not, who would you like to meet?

Sadly, no. I have met a few authors, but they weren’t my favorites? Not that I didn’t like them, it was just that they happened to come to my local bookstores, so I went and met them despite not having read their books. I would love to meet J.K. Rowling (that’s my pipe dream right there, we all know that will not be happening) just because she’s the mind that created my most favorite thing. To talk to her would be…phenomenal.
I would also like to meet Adam Silvera, Robin Roe, Paula Stokes, Rick Riordan, Chris Colfer, and the list goes on! Those are all slightly more attainable, though it’s still a stretch that I’ll be able to meet them. One can dream, though.

11) When you aren’t blogging or reading, how do you spend your time?

Honestly, if I’m not doing either of those things, I’m either at school, at dance, or doing homework. That is genuinely how I spend 100% of my time during the school year! It’s a crazy busy schedule, and it has its downsides, but I love it. Besides the homework part, obviously. 

During the summer (which I am currently in, yay) I spend my free time watching Netflix, hanging out with friends, and scrolling through Pinterest- because my Harry Potter Pinterest board is always in need of more pins, right?!

12) On your About page you mentioned you are a dancer. How long have you been in dance?

I think the amount of times I mentioned dance in this interview speaks to the importance dance holds in my life. XD I’ve been in dance for nearly fourteen years now!

13) What’s your favorite thing about dance?

I have two equally favorite parts about dance, so I’m going to cheat a bit on this question and give two responses. πŸ˜‰

️First of all, I love the feeling I get when I’m dancing. Anyone who’s passionate about something can definitely relate to the feeling of pure exhilaration and love and freedom that comes along with doing what you enjoy the most! I get this feeling especially when I’m performing, and as an introvert, I love that I have something that lets me show my heart to people around me.

My other favorite part is the friendships I have made because of dance. I’ve found my best friends due to dancing, and they make it all worth it. All the long rehearsals, the choreography we just can’t get, the times my teachers get angry or irritated, the days where I don’t feel good enough- my friends are there, and even if I’m not “feeling” the dance vibes that day, I want to go to dance just so I can see my best friends.

14)  To wrap up, where do you see your blog in 5 years? (classic interview question XD) 

Oh, I love this question! My big hope for my blog is that it’s still bringing me joy and being a little slice of the Internet with book recommendations and one too many gifs about Harry Potter.

I do think my life will be very different than it is now in 5 years, so I don’t know how easy it will be to keep my blog as consistent as it has been lately, but I do know that I’m passionate about blogging and I cannot see myself ever stopping or leaving Purely Olivia, at least not for a much longer time.

Thank you so much, Olivia, for being a part of this post and being a guest on my blog! I really enjoyed getting to collaborate with you and get to know you better. πŸ™‚

I hope y’all enjoyed this post as much as I did!

Until next time,

What’s your favorite blogger collab you’ve read?

What are five facts about yourself? I’d love to chat and get to know you!

5 thoughts on “Guest Interview // ft. Olivia @ Purely Olivia!!

  1. Ahh, Saege, thank you so much again for having me on your blog!! I had so much fun doing this interview and it was so kind of you to invite me to do this.😭❀️

    I look forward to hopefully doing a collab with you in the future!!

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