Finishing Homework Quickly and Effectively

Hello lovelies!

Summer is approaching, which means nicer weather, longer hours, and the increasing pressure to complete school.

I know for myself personally, this time of the year is honestly the most stressful. We all just want to be DONE with school. Whether you’re homeschooled like I am or in a public or private school system, we all know we are rushing to finish.

But when we are rushing to complete our homework, are we actually doing it effectively?

This week I’ve decided to share some of the tips and tricks I’ve learned for finishing homework quickly, while still engraving the information in your brain.

1) Make lists

I have found that lists are incredibly helpful! Seeing an overview of everything I need to complete helps me to:

  1. Analyze what all I need to complete in a block of time.
  2. (In the case if I am going anywhere during the day) Determine what I need to complete at home (online homework or projects typically) and what I can complete on the road.
  3. Keep on track and focused.

Plus, we all know how satisfying it is to check something off a checklist. It makes us feel like we actually accomplished something in our day!

Typically after I list my homework, I put a number beside each task in consecutive order so I know what order I am planning on completing them. Every day honestly varies and depends on what activities I have going on.

2) Hard-Easy-Hard Method

I honestly made up this method one day when I was in a mad rush to finish school before dance class. I was looking over my to-do list, fully knowing I wouldn’t be able to finish all of my schoolwork before class.

Typically after dance I am exhausted, and don’t have much brain-power left, so I asked myself, “What subject(s) would be the easiest to complete?”.

Here is how this method works:

  1. Look over your to-do list. Single out all of your harder subjects.
  2. Start with your hardest or least enjoyable lesson. Most times we want to procrastinate and put that subject off to last because we dislike it, but if you start off with that subject first the rest will be a breeze. You will also most likely have more brain-power to complete that subject right off the bat rather than if it was put off til last.
  3. If you are able to get through the lesson within a reasonable time (but not rushing through without learning!), continue through the lesson. If you are struggling to focus, or are taking much longer than needed, stop. Pause on that lesson. Look over your list and find an easier lesson, complete it, and then come back to your first lesson. You will feel much more refreshed after having completed something. Don’t be afraid to take it in chunks.
  4. Go through your list starting with your hardest lesson, then an easy lesson, and another hard lesson, etc.

3) Take small breaks

When you feel like you are struggling or beginning to slow down, don’t be afraid to take a break.

Walk around and stretch your legs.

Grab a snack.

Make a cup of tea or coffee.

Do whatever keeps you moving, but don’t let your break surpass ten minutes. It will be harder to get back into a steady learning pace and you will most likely find yourself procrastinating and wasting time.

4) Eliminate Distractions

According to this post, it takes about 25 minutes to regain concentration after being distracted.

25 minutes!

That’s 25 minutes less that you could have spent completing a task.

25 minutes less that you could have spent with your family and friends.

25 minutes less you could have been doing something you love.

You get my point..

Now you may be asking, “Saege, didn’t you advise for us to take breaks?”.

There is a major difference between a distraction and a break. A distraction takes place during your task, whereas a break is taken once the task is complete.

The worst thing you can do while studying is check your phone, stare outside, daydream, etc. Don’t do it. Trust me you will thank me for ranting later. XD

5) Set a goal time to finish

For myself, setting a goal time to finish my schoolwork motivates me to achieve and work towards that goal.

Setting a time all depends on your schedule and how you work personally. Give yourself enough time to completely study and take breaks, but don’t give yourself too much time. It’s fine to give yourself enough breathing room for time, but you still want to push yourself!

To wrap up this post I would like to give a reminder. Never ever ever ever ever ever EVER, rush to complete your homework without completely understanding and learning the material. It is way more worth your while to take your time and understand everything rather than speed through and get bad grades.

I hope this post helps motivate you and inspire you to use your time to the fullest! You’re almost there! Summer is almost here!

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When do you start summer break?

What are you most looking forward to this summer?

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10 thoughts on “Finishing Homework Quickly and Effectively

  1. Great tips, Saege! I’m nearing the end of the school year. Almost 5 more weeks left! My last day of school is June 14th, so I’m really looking forward to that. 😊 Do you do online school? What I’m looking forward to in the summer? Well, I’ll be graduating from Middle School (High School, here I come! 😀), volunteering at my local library, try to read and finish 20 books, start a book blog, and whatever else that comes up. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you, Heaven! That’s awesome!
      I do my foreign language and math online and the rest offline.
      Congrats on graduating! I hope you achieve all of your dreams in high school! 🙂
      When you publish your book blog, let me know! I’ll be the first one in line to subscribe! 😀

      Liked by 1 person

    these are all amazing tips and tbh i need to print this out and look at it daily. i get distracted so easily. curse you, adhd!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Great post! I’m mostly done with school for the year, but still have one subject to finish up, as well as various other things to get done, so thanks for the tips!

    Liked by 1 person

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